The primary objective of Mastishk support group is to help persons with Epilepsy and Stroke. Mastishk, through its activities, will educate people with epilepsy to know the extent of treatment options available to help control their seizures. The support group will enable networking of people which will include epilepsy specialists and people with epilepsy. This will ensure that they are aware of the latest and greatest treatment options available to them. The ultimate goal of this group is to empower persons with epilepsy to achieve freedom from seizures and freedom for side effects by undertaking following activities
Peer connection
If you’ve been recently diagnosed with epilepsy or have been advised with surgery as best option for seizure control, you may find it helpful to speak with someone who’s been through treatment and learned how to manage epilepsy. Our Peer Connection Program matches newly diagnosed patients and their families with volunteers (often persons with epilepsy) and shared similar experiences. Volunteer offer support and information by sharing their special perspectives on recovery process. The program gives patients and family members the opportunity to share experiences with someone who has “been through it”.
Caring for the caregivers
Care giving often involves round-the-clock care, which can feel overwhelming. Tasks may grow in demand and include feeding, bathing, supervising medications, arranging medical care and managing finances. A caregiver needs much information and support as the person with epilepsy does. With careful planning, good self-care and knowledge of available help, your job can be less stressful. There can be deep emotional currents when a loved one becomes ill. Some family members will want to do everything, while others will do very little unless they’re asked. Yet, spouses, brothers and sisters, children and other relatives can do much to ease your caregiving burden. Don’t be afraid to reach us for help.
Online Discussion
Our on-line support group allows you to reach out to care givers who collectively have diverse experience in the area of epilepsy. Chances are, the answers you are searching for are here in this group. Save much time and worry, just post the question and see how much information is provided. This group is committed to helping parents in their time of need. An invaluable source of support and expertise!
Build Awareness
We want to spread awareness about epilepsy and stroke by providing useful information about the disease, treatment options available, pre and post operation information, etc through different medium including through the website, newsletter, social media, etc. Our goal is to not only educate persons with the health condition but also their families, care takers and society in general. Through this we want to eradicate the social stigma attached to this health condition.
Our trained volunteers will provide counselling to the person with Epilepsy and stroke, their families and care takers to tide over their difficult times. These volunteers will be trained by renowned doctors in the field and will be well equipped to help. Since these volunteers interact with number of people with the health condition and their families, they will learn from each experience and try to provide suitable solution to the problems.
Financial Support
The cost of the treatment for epilepsy and stroke can quite daunting for number of families. They will not have financial means to get the right diagnosis or treatment. One of the objectives of Mastishk is to help such people financial. We will provide financial support for deserving patients for treatment costs.
Employment help
We have found that once a person with epilepsy has undergone proper treatment and continuous his medication properly can invariably lead a normal life. However, since they fear that seizures can come any time, their confidence level is heavily impacted. We have also found that number of these persons get qualified with engineering or diploma degrees but are unable to get jobs to get into main stream. We want to create an echo system so that we can help them get employment.