Epilepsy surgery is appropriate for few patients with medically refractory seizures where

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Blood vessels that carry blood to the brain from the heart are called arteries.

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Awareness Videos
Get awareness about Epilepsy and Stroke by viewing interviews and educational talks by experts.

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Get educated by following latest development in the treatment options for epilepsy and stroke.

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How can we help?

Epilepsy affects more than 10 lakh people in India. Because epilepsy is a complex neurological condition, many times people need help sorting through medical, educational, social and emotional aspects of the condition. Most of what the general public knows is based on harmful over simplification, myths and outdated information, further perpetuating the problem. Mastishk Support Group aims to improve the outlook for people diagnosed with epilepsy. We accomplish this by providing the highest quality epilepsy specific educational programs as well as support group services. Our energetic and experienced staff members succeed in accomplishing our goal of barrier-free lives for many persons with epilepsy. We look forward to being your partner as you pursue seizure control.

Mastishk support group every year forms a platform for persons/families with epilepsy to interact with others with whom they share a common thread: epilepsy. Invited speakers, alongside physicians, surgeons, psychologists and nurses who play a vital part in the journey of persons with epilepsy celebrate life, hope, strength and determination.