Mastishk support group is a CSR initiative started by Cadsys (India) Ltd a leading software company in Hyderabad.

The primary objective of Mastishk support group is to help persons with Epilepsy and Stroke. We want all people with epilepsy to know the extent of treatment options to help control their seizures. Our Support Group encourages people with epilepsy to seek out epilepsy specialists to ensure they are taking advantage of the latest and greatest options to achieve freedom from seizures and freedom for side effects. The objectives of the Support Group include:

  • Building awareness about his disease and the treatment options available
  • Counselling the family in order to bring persons with Epilepsy back to mainstream
  • Provide Financial Support for deserving patients for treatment costs.

About 65 million people around the world live with epilepsy; of which 12 Million are in India. Unfortunately 8 out of 10 people with epilepsy in developing nations do not receive appropriate treatment. In addition, though Epilepsy is not necessarily a disqualifying disability for a normal life; but many misconceptions still persist even in the society. The efforts to bring back the persons with Epilepsy into the mainstream needs to be addressed holistically from Medical, Technological, Social and Regulatory angles. Mastishk will strive in accomplishing that.

All the employees of Cadsys and iPowerFour are active members of this group. This group is also support by renowned Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and other eminent doctors.

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